Monday, April 18, 2011

A little peek inside

We're waiting to close. I am not a patient person. While we wait, I look over photos and daydream about all the changes I want to make.

Here's a little mini tour of the place. It needs a lot of TLC, but I think we can handle it!

The Foyer

I love the foyer. It was something on my wish list. Our last home didn't really have a dedicated foyer. The front door opened directly into the great room. I really liked the impression this two story foyer gave me when I first walked in the door. It's just something small, but I still love it. Isn't that outdated light fixture super sexy? Eventually the tile will be replaced as well. 

Formal Living Room

Excuse the over exposed photograph. Admittedly, this room was one that I felt a little hesitant about, We're not formal people. We don't have many people over very often, and even if we did, they're not formal people, either. This room felt like a waste of square footage to me. I'm not entirely sure how often we'll use it, but we do already have furniture for it. The plan is to use it as a quiet reading nook of sorts. You know, because quiet happens so often with a three year old hanging around. I like the transom windows in this room, and I wish the rest of the house had them. Something else I didn't like about our last home was the lack of natural light. This house gets a ton of it!

Formal Dining Room

I had grand plans for this room. Our last house didn't have a dining room, and I've always wanted one. I picked out a table and chairs, but we decided the pricetag was a little steep right now. Eventually we'll furnish it, but for now it's going to be toy central. It'll be a nice place to corral all the little guy's toys until he's old enough to play quietly in his room. They do do that eventually, right?

I was attracted to the transom windows in this space again. The rest of the room is a blank slate, and eventually we'd like to add chair rail and crown moulding. And a new light fixture, of course. 

Family Room
This room is a mess! Forest green carpet, cracked fireplace tiles, a billion outlets on the fireplace wall, and a really ugly ceiling fan. Still, the space is good and has potential. There's lots of natural light thanks to four large windows.The fireplace is wood burning and has a blower. We're hoping to replace the carpet with hardwood flooring, re-tile the fireplace, and add bookcases to each side of the fireplace.


The kitchen also needs a fair amount of work, but it's in mostly good shape. White cabinets and trim were at the top of my wishlist, and I wanted a place to display all of our Fiestaware. This kitchen fits the bill! We'll change our the knobs and add trim to the top of the cabinetry for a more polished look, but overall, there isn't much to do here.

The eat-in area is large enough to accomodate a large table, and the space gets tons of natural light. The tiles are all cracked and will need to be replaced within the next few years. The previous owners also painted over the wallpaper border. Gee, thanks!
The pantry is a fantastic size, too!

Stay tuned for the second level :)

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