Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The house did not come with a fridge. This wasn't really a big deal to us. In fact, we were pretty excited to buy our own. We were both excited to buy a cool new appliance (pun intended!) until we realized how underwhelming it really was. We checked out several different stores, but nothing really stood out as being THE fridge.

We were going to commit to a closeout model at Best Buy, but it would take a week to be delivered. I didn't love that fridge enough to wait that long, so we stopped at Sears. There it was- the one. The fridge of my dreams. What made it the fridge of my dreams?


 It's  an interior water dispenser. I didn't want a through the door water or ice dispenser. I could just picture Adam making a huge mess. This tiny little button sold it for me.

The space inside is wonderful! 
We're already loving the french door functionality. I don't think I could ever go back to a conventional fridge again!

We also went to a few garage sales in our new neighborhood and snagged a few things for Adam. He's loving the new train table we picked up for $20. We also bought an outdoor playhouse that looks practically new for just $20. He's loving all the space he has to spread out and play now. 

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  1. we have that fridge in stainless. the space is pretty nice! and you just reminded me to order a new water filter :)