Monday, March 21, 2011

A Fresh Start... Out with the Old

In with the new!

I deleted the old blog today for no particular reason other than wanting a shiny and fresh new blog. I'm going to try to actually keep up with it this time!

So much has happened within the last year. Last spring around this time, my husband accepted a new job in the Washington D.C. area. It was exciting and scary. We had concerns, but the prospect of living in a big city with so much to see and do was an amazing opportunity. We put the house we were living on on the market and hoped it would sell quickly. He began traveling for his new job, leaving me at home to contend with showings and upkeep and caring for our two year old son. "It's just for a few weeks!"

The house didn't sell as quickly as we had hoped. In fact, it took four months before we had an offer. In retrospect, four months on the market wasn't *too* bad, considering how terrible the market has been. At the time though, it was absolute torture. I'll admit it, I was pretty unbearable the last few weeks. It was depressing to be apart, and things just weren't going the way they I thought they should. A good group of friends (who shall be called the PWs from this point on) reminded me that something good would come out of all the struggling and to be patient and wait for it. I was pretty sure nothing good would ever happen. Like I said, I was pretty unbearable, and sometimes maybe a smidge dramatic.

An offer  finally came in, and we really began to solidify our plans for the move. We picked out a tiny little apartment just outside the city, signed a lease, and started packing. I came back to the house to pack and tie up loose ends.

One week before we closed on the house, I received a phone call from my husband. He told me he had been offered a job close to our home. Should he take it? The cost of living here was no where near as much as it would have been in the D.C. area. Our friends were all here. Most importantly, the job was a better fit for him. Without a bit of hesitations, I said yes. We both felt relieved, and we realized that moving to D.C. wouldn't have been a good choice at all. Note to self- the PWs are wise and all-knowing.

The new job was only an hour away from the house, but there was a tiny little problem- it wasn't going to be our home in just a few short days. I signed a lease on the first apartment I found. "Just for a year," we said. "We'll save some money and next year we can start looking for a place to live." We moved into the apartment at the end of the summer, ready to spend the fall and winter together again at last, confident we had made the right choice.

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